Return to Play Guidelines

The following documents were reviewed when preparing our Return to Play Plan:

  • US Lacrosse Return to Play Plan
  • CDC Considerations for Youth Sports
  • Department of Health 2020 Summer Program Guidelines
  • UPMC Return to Sports Guidelines

We will implement the following safety protocols:

  • Players and parents must conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation). Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home. Attendance (name, grade and school) will be taken at each event.
  • Player Equipment:
    • Players will come with only a stick, mouth guard, goggles, mask (if they choose), and labeled water
      bottles. There will be no other equipment allowed.
  • Social Distancing:
    • Practice/Clinic- At least six feet between players and coaches at all times.
    • Games- Social distancing when feasible (on sidelines, during breaks, during drill explanation, etc). No huddles or post practice cheers.

In order to be COVID compliant during practices or games, we expect the following:

  • All parents/players must complete a waiver. The waiver will be sent electronically and must be returned
    electronically before player participation.

Before practice starts, players should:

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to drop child off.
  • Sanitize all equipment, including mouth guard.
  • Use the bathroom before practice. No bathrooms will be available during the session.
  • Make sure you have filled water bottles and they are labeled.

While at practice:

  • DO NOT TOUCH anything, but your stick with your hands. Pick up all balls with stick ONLY.
  • Players are welcome to wear a mask if they choose. If they take it off, it must be kept on their person and
    not placed on the ground.
  • NO bathroom use during the session.
  • Keep in your own space if you can at all times. Be aware of 6-foot distance when needed.

When leaving:

  • Do not congregate in common areas or in the parking lot.
  • Use sanitizer before getting in your car.
  • Only take home the items that came with you.
  • It is recommended to use wipes to clean your stick.

Please make every effort to do your part, so the girls can focus on the sport they love while they are at practice or a game.
Our plan will only work if everyone follows it.

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